Accepted Papers

Regular papers (16 papers):

(1) Evaluating the Impact of Incentive/Non-incentive Reviews on Customer Decision-making. Kate Kargozari, Junhua Ding and Haihua Chen

(2) Robustness Testing of an Industrial Road Object Detection System. Anne-Laure Wozniak, Rémi Duong, Ian Benderitter, Sarah Leroy, Sergio Segura and Raul Mazo

(3) A Framework for Autonomous Vehicle Testing Using Semantic Models. He Yejun, Tao Chuanqi, Jerry Gao and Muslim Razi

(4) Debunk online rumors via generative-contrastive learning based on tree-transformer. Xi Luo, Yu Hui Deng, Jun Jie Liu, Si Rong Wu and Gengchen Sun

(5) Leveraging Deep Learning Models for Cross-function Null Pointer Risks Detection. Yue Ding, Qian Wu, Yinzhu Li, Dongdong Wang and Jiaxin Huang

(6) Enhancing Text Classification Models with Generative AI-aided Data Augmentation. Huanhuan Zhao, Haihua Chen, and Hong-Jun Yoon

(7) Difficulty and Severity-Oriented Metrics for Test Prioritization in Deep Learning Systems. Hamzah Al-Qadasi, Ylies Falcone and Saddek Bensalem

(8) Uncertainty Quantification for Machine Learning Output Assurance using Anomaly-based Dataset Dissimilarity Measures. Gabriele Incorvaia, Darryl Hond and Hamid Asgari

(9) Metamorphic Testing For Machine Learning: Applicability, Challenges, and Research Opportunities. Faqeer Ur Rehman and Madhusudan Srinivasan

(10) Evaluation of Out-of-Distribution Detection Performance on Autonomous Driving Datasets. Jens Henriksson, Christian Berger, Stig Ursing and Markus Borg

(11) A Classification Study on Testing and Verification of AI-based Systems. Emanuele De Angelis, Guglielmo De Angelis and Maurizio Proietti

(12) A Trustworthiness Score to Evaluate CNNs Predictions. Abanoub Ghobrial, Darryl Hond, Hamid Asgari and Kerstin Eder

(13) Time series anomaly detection using Convolutional Neural Networks in the manufacturing process. Cristina Landin, Jie Liu, Katerina Katsarou and Sahar Tahvili

(14) TCP-Net++: Test Case Prioritization Using End-to-End Deep Neural Networks – Deployment Analysis and Enhancements. Mohamed Abdelkarim and Reem Eladawi

(15) DEANOMALYZER: Improving Determinism and Consistency in Anomaly Detection Implementations. Muyeed Ahmed and Iulian Neamtiu

(16) Using Neural Networks for Novelty-based Test Selection to Accelerate Functional Coverage Closure. Xuan Zheng, Kerstin Eder and Tim Blackmore

Short papers (10 papers):

(1) Visualization Tool for Extraction of Various Attributes and Corresponding Data for Dataset Quality Assessment. Masatoshi Sekine, Daisuke Shimbara, Tomoyuki Myojin and Eri Imatani

(2) Leveraging Cognitive Science for Testing Large Language Models. Ramya Srinivasan, Hiroya Inakoshi and Kanji Uchino

(3) Fault Localization for Reinforcement Learning. Jesús Morán, Antonia Bertolino, Claudio De La Riva and Javier Tuya

(4) Resource-Aware Online Permanent Fault Detection Mechanism for Streaming Convolution Engine in Edge AI Accelerators. Weison Lin, Xianpo Ni and Tughrul Arslan

(5) Evaluating Interdisciplinary Concept Association Methods based on Representation Learning. Zhongyi Wang, Guangzhao Zhang, Haoxuan Zhang, Jing Huang and Haihua Chen

(6) Measurement and Identification of Informative Reviews for Automated Summarization. Huyen Nguyen, Haihua Chen, Roopesh Maganti, Tozammel Hossain and Junhua Ding

(7) AI Decision Assistant ChatBot for Software Release Planning and Optimized Resource Allocation. Omar Magdy

(8) Unlocking the Potential of Dynamic Languages: An Exploration of Automated Unit Test Generation Techniques. Manuel Ferreira Magalhães, Ângelo Miguel Rodrigues Morgado, Henrique Leitão de Jesus and Nuno Gonçalo Coelho Costa Pombo

(9) A Testing Framework for AI Linguistic Systems (testFAILS). Yulia Kumar, Patricia Morreale, Peter Sorial, Justin Delgado, J. Jenny Li and Patrick Martins